Besides using the banners below, feel free to use any of our advertisements at and put your own ShareASale link in them.

Step 1

Sign in to and expand the ‘LINKS’ dropdown menu in the top margin; select ‘GET A LINK/BANNER’.

Step 2

Find ‘' either in the Merchant Search, or under the Recently Joined heading.

Step 3

On the ‘Text Links’ page you can access all of our affiliate promotional material. To collect the code for a given text link, locate the text you want to use, and click ‘Get HTML Code’. It is very important that you use only these links when bringing donations and members in. These links are how ShareASale and tracks that the leads were generated by YOU.

  1. Campaign oriented text links (vehicle donation/membership promotion)
  2. Campaign oriented banner image links (vehicle donation/membership promotion)
  3. To create your affiliate link to a landing page you specify
  4. Campaign oriented videos
  5. Second-tier affiliate text links
  6. Second-tier affiliate banner image links

Pro tip - We add and replace new material in each of these categories as the program matures so be sure to check back regularly for new content.