Over the years, MatchingDonors has received a number of donations from around the world, including cars, boats, planes, real estate properties, artwork, money, and more. These donations have raised the nonprofit hundreds of thousands of dollars, all going towards saving the lives of those needing organ transplants. 

For more information on our donation program, visit our donation website MatchingDonorsDonations.com.

Plus, you have no limit on the amount of times you can receive commission, so if you refer an individual that donates to MatchingDonors multiple times, you earn commission every time.

We are excited to open this opportunity up to affiliates to bring in even more donations while making great commissions. 

Commission overview:

25%   of the financial benefit of any referred vehicle, boat, RV, plane, or other donation

10%    of any financial donation

10% of the financial benefit of any referred real estate donations