Our affiliate program is run through ShareASale.com, where we provide you with unique text links, banners, videos, and unique phone numbers to spread through webpages, emails, messages, in person, and more. MatchingDonors has two primary affiliate campaigns for you to earn commissions through: our Membership Campaign and our Fundraising & Products Campaign. When you refer a member or donation to MatchingDonors, you will earn the following commission rates: 

25% from any patient membership referred by you

$200 commission from any donor referred by you that goes on to transplant

25% of the financial benefit of any referred vehicle, boat, plane, or other donation

10% of any financial donation

10% of the financial benefit of any referred real estate donations

20% of any commissions earned by a second-tier affiliate you brought to our program

Plus, if you refer an individual that donates to MatchingDonors multiple times, you earn commission every time.

MatchingDonors also proudly offers bonuses to affiliates that generate exceptional results.