Text Links

Text Links are the most effective affiliate tool for getting donations and patient/donor memberships. These can be promoted in a variety of ways, click here for info on using text links.

 Banner, Print, Radio, TV Ads you can customize

Our professionally created Banner, Print, Radio, TV Ads are an excellent way for you to bring in commissions. If you are an active affiliate that wishes to use multimedia materials, contact John Dolan at 800-385-0422 ext.6 or JohnDolan@MatchingDonors.com so that unique materials with your affiliate tracking information can be created.

 Pay per Call Marketing

Pay per Call (PPC) marketing is one of the newest forms of online marketing opportunities and is successful because of its high sale conversion ratio. Learn how to utilize pay per call marketing here.

 Second-Tier Affiliates (STAs)

This is one of the most effective ways for affiliates to make large sums of money, by attracting new affiliates and making 10% commission on their commissions.

 TV, Radio, Print, and More

We have an array of multimedia resources available for active affiliates with connections to television, radio, print, and other media formats. click here to find out about these materials.