Pay per Call (PPC) marketing is one of the newest forms of online marketing opportunities and is successful because of its high sale conversion ratio. With PPC marketing, you will be given an affiliate phone number to promote, just as you would a banner or text link. This number is tracked by and forwards callers to our call center. When receives an affiliate-referred call that results in a sale or transaction, you will earn a substantial commission.

To obtain your personalized PPC number, sign in to and navigate to the “TOOLS” dropdown menu in the top margin and select ‘PAY PER CALL CENTER’.

There, search ‘MatchingDonors’ and click ‘Join program’. You must then wait up to 1 day to be approved. Once approved, navigate back to the ‘PAY PER CALL CENTER’ and open the 'Setup Campaigns and Get Creatives’ tab.

Once there, click ‘Launch the Pay Per Call Campaign Manager’ text link, which opens a new window.

In the new window, expand ‘CAMPAIGNS’ and select ‘Apply To New Campaigns’. There, click on “ Pay Per Call” 

You will be taken to the Pay Per Call Campaign Summary. To join the program, scroll to the bottom of the page and, after reading the terms, select ‘Apply to campaign’.

Automatic approval will give you instant access to our Pay Per Call campaign resources. To obtain your personalized number, open the ‘Promo Numbers’ tab and click '+ New Promo Number'. Customize your preferred settings (but keep the number ‘toll free’). 

You now have your personalized phone number! 

You can promote your PPC number in conjunction with text links and banners, post it on your website, blog, Facebook, or with search advertisement like Google AdWords. 

Reminder: When people call this number, they are not calling you, they are calling The unique number tracks that the caller is being referred by you as an affiliate, ensuring that you get paid on any transactions resulting from the call.