When it comes to expanding our affiliate program, and therefore expanding our web presence, this is our most powerful tool. Second-Tier Affiliates (STAs) are affiliates that joined our program because of a promotion from an existing affiliate. While this increases the potential lifesaving impact of MatchingDonors, it will also drastically increase the commission of any affiliate that brings in STAs. For every STA that an existing affiliate brings into our program, that affiliate will make 10% on any commission earned by one of their STAs. With no limit on the amount of STAs you can add, that can translate into enormous earnings for you.

STAs are added the same way you attract any other type of donation or membership, by posting banners, web links, or other materials available in our ShareASale links/banners section. To access the two-tier materials, click here.

Note: The 20% commission you earn does not reduce commissions earned by your STA, it is paid out separately.