Text Links are the most effective affiliate tool for getting donations and patient/donor memberships. These can be promoted in a variety of ways: 

1. They can be embedded in any webpage with HTML

2. They can be copied and pasted directly into posts, emails, texts, and other messaging platforms. 

In your ShareASale Account, find the MatchingDonors promotional materials page (instructions here) and select ‘Text Links’ from the options. To find the text link you want to promote, the campaign title can be found in the ‘Description’ column. Click on the corresponding ‘Get HTML Code’ to expand your options.

You now have two options, which will depend on where and how you are promoting:

To embed a link into a webpage: Click ‘Select All’ and copy the link, this will give you the HTML code for the entire text in the ‘Example’ column. With the HTML code copied, you can embed the entire text link into any webpage. From there, direct as much traffic as possible to that webpage and link to maximize your commissions.

To sending the link through email, text, or other messaging platform (non- HTML): Click ‘Select URL Only’, which will allow you to copy just the affiliate link without any HTML code. You will have to provide the context around why someone should use the link.

Pro Tip - Different text links will correspond to different campaigns (memberships, financial donations, etc.) which result in different commission opportunities and rewards. View the ‘Description’ column to verify the objective of a given text link.